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How to Embrace a New Culture

Moving to a new country can be an exciting, but also overwhelming experience. One of the biggest challenges for expats is understanding the local culture and customs. 

How to Prepare Your Children for a Life Abroad

Enrolling in school abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both children and parents. Not only does it provide a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of life, but it can also open up new academic and career opportunities.

Medical Tourism: Escape The USA Healthcare Scam!

Healthcare and Health Insurance in the United States is a huge headache that can rightfully cause you a lot of distress. We know people who work jobs they hate or even delay retirement simply because they need health insurance. It doesn’t have to be that way!
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Thinking About Moving to Ecuador?

Ecuador Temporary Resident Visas

Ecuador Temporary Resident Visas

There are several different types of Ecuador Temporary Resident Visas: Professional, Investor, Pensioners, Rentista/Digital Nomad, Dependent, etc. The qualifications and requirements vary for each type of visa so you'll need to select the best option for your specific circumstances.
Ship a Container to Ecuador:

Ecuador Shipping Company Costs and Process: Relocation Services of Ecuador Interview Highlights

We interviewed Ecuador shipping company owner, Paul Wilches, founder of Relocation Services of Ecuador, to learn about shipping household goods to Ecuador. He discussed the logistics, process, import regulations, timeframes and costs to pack up your house and move everything to Ecuador from anywhere in the world.
Traveling to Ecuador from the United States

How To Travel to Ecuador from the United States

Ecuador is more comfortable and more affordable than ever, and traveling to Ecuador from the United States is easier than ever. In this article, you're going to learn about several of the options at your disposal for getting to Ecuador.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ3 Rental Agents v2

FAQ #3 – What About a RENTAL AGENT In Ecuador?

Should you get a rental agent in Ecuador to help you find a place to live? It can be difficult to do everything by yourself in a foreign country with different laws and regulations, and even harder if you don't speak the language fluently. In Cuenca, we rented our house without a rental agent, but in Olón, we had help from a rental agent we trusted. And thanks to her, we knew that everything would be taken care of.
FAQ 2 Pets v2

FAQ #2 – What About RENTING W/ PETS In Ecuador?

Renting with pets in Ecuador can be challenging. We brought our two rescue dogs with us when we moved abroad from the United States to Ecuador; we obviously couldn't leave part of our family behind. However, after getting to Ecuador and looking for houses and apartments to rent, we encountered some difficulties because of our dogs. Not all landlords want dogs or cats in their rental house or condo, especially large dogs, but many will change their mind after meeting you and your fur babies.
FAQ1 Bugs v2

FAQ #1 – What about BUGS in Ecuador?

Ecuador is located in the tropics of South America and borders the Amazon Rainforest so you may be concerned about the types and volume of house bugs in Ecuador, especially in the popular expat city of Cuenca or in popular expat towns along the coast of Ecuador.  Hopefully, we'll set your mind at ease with our answer to this frequently asked question.
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