If your dream is to live abroad now or sometime in the future, we can help! The information we share is designed to help you make a smooth exit and a soft landing in Ecuador.

We were scared to death when we decided to sell everything we own and leave the US so we know how you must feel. There’s nothing special about us. If we can do it, anyone can. Including you!

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We created a series of articles to help you make the move to Ecuador and live your expat dream life abroad. This is the best places to get started.

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1. Thoughtfully plan your trip

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We’re building a community of like-minded people just like you. Some are still dreaming about living abroad while others have already made it a reality.

If you need some encouragement, moral support, guidance, information and new friends on your journey, join our band of unconventionals and let us all help you.

Cuenca Ecuador Expats

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We’re Amelia And JP. We sold everything we owned, converted our jobs to virtual, left Denver, moved to Cuenca Ecuador with our two dogs, and launched a YouTube Channel to document this crazy adventure.

Now we’re living in Olón, one of Ecuador’s beautiful beach towns just north of Montañita. Our heart is still in Cuenca, but we wanted to show our viewers more of this amazing country. Plus, the low elevation and warmer weather feels better on JP’s back!

While our lifestyle channel is all about us and our life abroad in Ecuador, this website is all about showing YOU the way out.

Come join us! Your new unconventional life abroad is waiting!