Moving abroad is stressful! Uncertain! Scary! And it’s even more stressful when you don’t know who you can trust to help you navigate the confusing process!

We’ve been in Ecuador for several years and have an extensive network of reputable, trustworthy service providers. And we’re happy to introduce you to them!

We learned painful lessons the hard way when we moved to Ecuador several years ago. But YOU don’t have to. The information we share will help you make a smooth landing in your new life abroad.

We had a MILLION questions before we left the United States, but no one to answer them. We were afraid. Full of doubts. Constantly second guessing our decision to move abroad. A guide (someone who had done it already) would have been invaluable. Our goal is to provide answers to all those questions!

You may feel alone, but you’re not. We blazed the trail ahead of you, as did lots of other expats. And we’re ALL eager to pay it forward by helping YOU take the mystery out of your move!

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Get Our Ecuador Cost of Living & Moving Calculator

The major concern we had before we moved to Ecuador was: Can we afford to live there? Our Cost of Living Calculator will help YOU answer that question.