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Chordeleg Ecuador 4K Drone Video

Chordeleg Ecuador 4K Drone Video

Chordeleg Ecuador is less than an hour east of Cuenca Ecuador, which makes it a great day trip. It’s known for handcrafted filigree jewelry, and the whole town is full of jewelry stores.

San Bartolome TN

San Bartolomé Ecuador 4K Drone Video

San Bartolomé is located about 45 minutes southeast of Cuenca Ecuador. It’s known for handmade custom guitars and it’s a great place to visit for a day trip from Cuenca.



In June, our members on Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee voted for a rental property comparison for the popular expat cities in Ecuador. We showed 10 properties in the 5 most popular expat cities and discussed the pros & cons of each area.

Ilaló Ecuador 4K Drone Video (Ilalo Ecuador)

Ilaló Ecuador 4K Drone Video (Ilalo Ecuador)

Ilaló is an extinct volcano just east of Quito Ecuador. Check out the full story of Ilaló on our other channel:

Ecuador's NEW Digital Nomad Visa

Ecuador’s NEW Digital Nomad Visa (Rules & Requirements)

In March 2022, Ecuador announced changes to its Rentista Visa, which effectively makes it a Digital Nomad Visa. If you have online income from abroad, you may qualify for this Ecuador temporary residency visa.

Ship a Container to Ecuador:

Ecuador Shipping Company Costs and Process: Relocation Services of Ecuador Interview Highlights

We interviewed Ecuador shipping company owner, Paul Wilches, founder of Relocation Services of Ecuador, to learn about shipping household goods to Ecuador. He discussed the logistics, process, import regulations, timeframes and costs to pack up your house and move everything to Ecuador from anywhere in the world.

Traveling to Ecuador from the United States

How To Travel to Ecuador from the United States

Ecuador is more comfortable and more affordable than ever, and traveling to Ecuador from the United States is easier than ever. In this article, you’re going to learn about several of the options at your disposal for getting to Ecuador.

Ecuador Overhauled Its Residency Visa Laws (February 2022)

Ecuador Overhauled Its Residency Visa Laws (February 2022)

Ecuador changed its temporary residency visa requirements on February 18, 2022. The income requirements have changed for the pensioner visa, the investment amount has changed for the investor visa, and the new Ecuador digital nomad visa is finally available.

Cost of living in Ecuador, cathedral in Ecuador

Cost of Living in Ecuador: A Guide for Expat Budgeting (Updated for 2021)

One of the main reasons expats leave their home country is to save money while having a higher quality of life, and the low cost of living in Ecuador helps make that possible. In this article, we’ll share how much you can expect to pay for necessities in Ecuador, like rent, utilities, healthcare, transportation, food, appliances, and more.

President Lasso Inauguration Speech

Ecuador President Lasso Inauguration Speech (Translated to English)

This is the full text of the speech by Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso translated to English from the inauguration ceremony on May 24, 2021.

Street Dogs & Cats in Ecuador

Bad Things About Living in Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country with amazing people, but like most countries on the planet, there are also some bad things about living in Ecuador. Some of them are to be expected just like in any other country in the world, while others are specific to developing countries.

So, if you’re thinking about visiting or moving to Ecuador, there are several downsides that you need to take into account. From income inequality and pickpocketing to noise and litter, here are some of the main disadvantages of living in Ecuador.

Manta Ecuador Condos For Rent

Condos for RENT in Manta Ecuador on the Beach (2021)

In our last video from Manta, Ecuador, we showed you condos for sale on or near the beach. In this video, we’ll show you a few condos for RENT on or near the beach.

The first and most affordable condo in this video is in the Poseidon, the second two are in the new Mykonos development, and the fourth is in the Santorini near Mall del Pacífico.

LAN5 Buying a Home v3

Buying a Home In Ecuador

The process for buying a home in Ecuador, whether it’s a piece of land, a house or a condo, is quite a bit different than the United States and other countries. Thankfully, we were able to sit down with Ryan Kelly from Ecuador Shores Realty in Manta Ecuador to answer a long list of questions and walk us through the process of buying a home in Ecuador.

LAN7 Raising Kids v3

Raising Kids in Ecuador: Sports, Activities, Socializing and Cultural Differences (2021)

If you’re considering a move to Ecuador with your children, this interview with Jason and Michelle from will help you prepare for the differences you’ll encounter.

Jason is an expat from Australia who met the love of his life in Ecuador. Michelle is an Ecuadorian born in Quito who has two children from a previous marriage. This makes them a blended family with a unique inside, as well as outside, perspective on raising children in Ecuador.

1. Thoughtfully plan your trip

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Exploratory Trip to Ecuador

If you’re considering a move abroad to join the expat ranks, use these 10 tips to get the most out of your exploratory trip to Ecuador. As you’re scheduling your visit, plan to spend as much time as possible in Ecuador to explore your future surroundings and make preparations for your move.

Ecuador Revises Covid Travel Rules

BREAKING NEWS: Ecuador Revises Covid Travel Guidelines

Yesterday, Juan Zapata, president of the National COE, revised the COVID travel guidelines relating to vaccines and testing for travelers entering Ecuador.

Ecuador Culture Shock Cover

Ecuador Culture Shock 101: Things That are Strange to Expats, but Normal to Ecuadorians

Transitioning to Ecuadorian life comes with a few surprises that may leave you scratching your head as you adjust to the Ecuador culture shock.

Here are a few things that Ecuadorians do a bit differently than Americans. Some of these Ecuadorian quirks are fascinating, some are endearing, and a few of these strange customs are downright dangerous!

LAN3 Health Insurance v3

Ecuador Health Insurance: Private vs. Public IESS – EXPLAINED (2021)

Health insurance in Ecuador can be complicated and confusing, so we were very fortunate to have Carlos Ramírez from Blue Box Insurance stop by to explain it to us.

Blue Box is an insurance broker representing several health, auto and home insurance companies in Ecuador. They have an office in Cuenca, and they will be opening an office in Manta in April 2021.

Health Insurance in Ecuador is a bit different than the United States. You have the option of getting Private Health Insurance with one of Ecuador’s many health insurance companies.

LAN4 Schools v3

Schools in Ecuador: Public, Private, International & Homeschooling

If you have school aged children and you’re considering a move abroad, you have several different options for schools in Ecuador.

In this interview with Jason and Michelle from, you’ll learn about the different types of schools (public, private, international and homeschooling) as well as the pros and cons, and cost of each option.

Low Budget Cost of Living Ecuador

Low Cost of Living in Ecuador: Can you live on LESS than $500 per month?

Is it possible to live in Ecuador for less than $500 per month? The short answer is yes! Expats and retirees flock to Ecuador for its tropical weather and beautiful, biodiverse landscapes, as well as for the low cost of living! Depending on where you choose to live, it’s entirely possible to live well in Ecuador on a very small budget.

People worldwide—including US, Canadian, and European expats—have discovered that Ecuador offers many affordable options to choose from. Besides the prospect of pleasant weather and stunning scenery, you can also look forward to minimizing your expenses and stretching your income!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the typical monthly expenses you can expect to incur living in Ecuador. This is a guide to everything you need to know to make a $500 budget work well for you.

You’ll find information on housing options, health insurance costs, food, and transportation that will allow a single person to live quite well on a low budget.