FAQ #95 – What About CUSTOMS & PASSPORT CONTROL In Ecuador?

Customs and passport control in Ecuador work exactly like they do in every airport around the world.

Once you get off the plane in Quito or Guayaquil (currently Ecuador’s only international airports), you’ll enter the line at passport control for foreign visitors.

The agents typically speak English at those booths. You’ll be asked to present your passport, which will be scanned and stamped. If you have a visa, that information will show up on the agent’s terminal since Ecuador uses electronic visas and physical visas are no longer used.

Once you leave passport control, you’ll collect your luggage at the baggage claim and then passed it through a scanner on the way out of the international terminal. If the scan reveals anything suspicious, your luggage may be searched. If you’re carrying taxable items like a professional drone worth more than $500, you may be charged an import tax.

Ecuador has modern airports that are very nice and look just like airports in a small U.S. city.

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