Ecuador Revises Covid Travel Rules

BREAKING NEWS: Ecuador Revises Covid Travel Guidelines

Yesterday, Juan Zapata, president of the National COE, revised the COVID travel guidelines relating to vaccines and testing for travelers who enter Ecuador.

Effective March 22, 2021, a negative PCR test will no longer be the only option for entering Ecuador as a foreign traveler. You will ALSO be allowed to enter Ecuador by presenting a vaccine card or certificate showing that you have received both doses of an approved vaccine.

The currently approved vaccines in Ecuador are: Pfizer-BioNTech, Sinovac, Covax and AstraZeneca. These are the only vaccines currently available in Ecuador. We expect the government to clarify which vaccines will be approved for travel in the coming weeks or months.

Additionally, negative antigen tests will also be accepted, as well as negative PCR tests. However, both tests must now be less than 72 hours old upon arrival in Ecuador. Prior to March 22, only negative PCR tests were accepted and they needed to be less than 10 days old.

According to Ricardo Zambrano from the Ministry of Tourism, the objective of these changes is so Ecuador can reactivate the tourism sector for worldwide vaccinated travelers.

You can watch the full interview with Juan Zapata in Spanish here: Ecuador announces changes for the entry of passengers with a vaccination card against covid-19.

COVID Information for Ecuador

Here's a handy list of resources for COVID-related travel guidelines and status updates:

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4 replies
  1. Shane
    Shane says:

    I wonder what their decision process was for the approved vaccines. I have the Moderna vaccine my wife has Phizer

    • Live Abroad Now
      Live Abroad Now says:

      The vaccines listed are the only ones that are available in Ecuador. That may be the basis for the decision. My guess is they will add the Moderna vaccine eventually.

  2. Micki Gresham
    Micki Gresham says:

    I just want to make sure I understand; if I am fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, I won’t be able to travel to Ecuador? Is that correct? I am so looking forward to doing a “dental tourism” exploratory trip first, but I want to move there (and your videos were my inspiration and hope). I won’t move (or get an exploratory) if I can’t come with this vaccine….Any advice?

    • Live Abroad Now
      Live Abroad Now says:

      Glad you’re enjoying our videos! Currently, the Moderna vaccine isn’t on the accepted list, but we expect the govt to clarify/expand the list at some point. You can still enter Ecuador with either a negative PCR test OR an antigen test, and they must be less than 72 hours old upon entering Ecuador.

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