Ecuador State of Exception Ends on Sunday (September 13, 2020)

The Ecuador state of exception for the COVID-19 pandemic will end on September 13. In this way, measures such as the curfew or restrictions on the right of free association will end. However, with the end of the state of emergency does not mean that everything will return to the normality that was had last January.

From the national government, the campaign I take care of myself is promoted , to raise awareness among citizens about the biosecurity measures to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, it is indicated that the national Emergency Operations Committee (COE) will not disappear with the state of exception; it will be maintained and will continue to generate resolutions but with the ordinary legal basis.

Although restrictions on free association will end, the government asks to avoid the organization of meetings or parties , as well as similar activities that could become sources of infection.

While discotheques or other nightlife venues -such as tolerance centers, for example- will not open until the national COE determines otherwise. It is indicated that the local and national authorities will be able to make an effective control in the event that these sites do not comply with the regulations in force.

Likewise, it is emphasized that the elderly, minors or people with disabilities, due to their state of vulnerability, are a population that has a greater risk of contagion, so they must be kept in isolation. Education will be maintained virtually.

The government indicates that to protect the health of citizens, the telework modality will continue to be prioritized , as established by the Ministry of Labor.

Regarding the provision of spaces for the performance of sports , the local authorities will be in charge of defining the use of public and sports spaces in the cantons of their competence.

Original Article in Spanish on El Universo: The state of exception ends in Ecuador. What activities will be allowed again and which ones will not?

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