FAQ #26 – What About ELECTRIC BIKES In Ecuador?

Electric bikes in Ecuador are becoming much more common and easy to find, as are electric scooters and electric dirt bikes. And surprisingly, the cost is similar to what you would pay in the United States.

In case you missed it, we shared our experience buying our two e-bikes in Guayaquil last November 2020 in this video: Can you get ELECTRIC BIKES in ECUADOR? YES! And the COST might SHOCK you!

We paid $790 for our electric bicycles at ElectroBike in Guayaquil. They also have a store in Quito, and there are other e-bike stores in Ecuador.

The e-dirt bikes you saw in this video (shown below) were purchased in Loja, Ecuador for $5,000. The riders told us these electric dirt bikes cost $3,800 in the US.

Electric Dirt Bikes Ecuador

You can also find a few CityCoco electric scooter models in Ecuador (below). There are dealers in Cuenca, Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato, Manta, and possibly other cities that we don’t know about. These range in price from around $400 for the standup CityCoco Mini to $2,600 for the 3-wheel seated CityCoco Spidy. The models shown here cost about $1,100.

CityCoco Ecuador Electric Scooter

We’ve also been seeing a LOT of Chinese Jinying electric scooters (below) here in Ecuador. We saw them for sale at several stores in Guayaquil in October 2020 when we were looking for our e-bikes, and we saw them lined up in front of stores in Manta on our last trip there in March 2021.

Several industrious entrepreneurs have also started renting them in Olón, as well as in Montañita and Manglaralto, and probably other cities and towns in Ecuador. They’re very affordable and cost less than $500.

Chinese Jinying Electric Scooter Ecuador

If e-bikes are your thing, you’ll also be happy to learn that there is no IVA (sales) tax charged on any electric bike or scooter. That will save you 12% on the total price!

Due to government incentives, high demand and the increasing volume of imports, the prices have been dropping over the past 2 years so owning an electric bike in Ecuador is not only possible, but may actually be cheaper than buying a traditional gas powered motorcycle.

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