FAQ #33 – What About EXPAT AREAS In GUAYAQUIL Ecuador?

There aren’t many popular expat areas in Guayaquil Ecuador. Perhaps this is due to the perception that Guayaquil is a high crime city, or maybe most expats just prefer a smaller city that doesn’t get as hot.

Is Guayaquil Ecuador Safe?

First, Guayaquil is, in fact, the most dangerous city in Ecuador. However, it’s still safer than many cities in the United States, including Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, and others.

If you’re willing to brave downtown Chicago to see your distorted reflection in the shiny Bean, or to visit the world class museums, you’ll feel just fine walking along the Malecón 2000 or hiking up Santa Ana Hill in Guayaquil.

Just use some common sense safety precautions and stay aware of your surroundings. The most likely crime you’ll experience is highly skilled pickpocketing, which you might not notice until much later in the day.

Is Guayaquil Ecuador HOT?

Second, Guayaquil is on the western side of a tropical savanna and near the edge of an arid steppe with desert-like conditions. That means it gets HOT in Guayaquil during the wet season from December through May.

Average annual high temperatures are 84-90°F (29-32°C) and average lows are 68-75°F (20-24°C). It occasionally gets above 95°F (35°C) but rarely goes below 60°F (15°C).

It also rains a lot in February and March, which is when most of the annual rainfall occurs, but it rarely ever rains during the cooler season from June through November.

Popular Expat Neighborhoods in Guayaquil Ecuador

If you’re considering Guayaquil as your new home abroad in Ecuador, there are a couple of areas with a small contingent of expats. The first is Samborondón, which is a suburb of Guayaquil just north of the airport.

We visited Plaza Lagos, a high-end outdoor mall with equally high-end restaurants, in this video: Samborondón Guayaquil Ecuador. They also have a BMW dealership and some really nice furniture stores.

Samborondón mostly consists of gated communities nestled behind high walls and gates with 24/7 security guards. Since theft is the most common crime in Ecuador and throughout most of Latin America, the extra security is a good deterrent.

Another area that we see as becoming more popular with expats is Urdesa, which is the neighborhood where we bought our e-Bikes. Amelia says it reminds her of Chicago in the 80’s with several wide streets, lots of restaurants and green space along the river.

There’s also a high-end condo project that’s in the planning phase and scheduled to be completed by 2024. This will provide some much needed modern housing for affordable prices that expats will find appealing.

Should You Move to Guayaquil Ecuador?

While there are some expats scattered around the greater Guayaquil area, it’s still not as popular as several other cities and areas in Ecuador. Cuenca and Quito remain the most popular expat cities, but there are many other places in Ecuador with a sizeable expat population.

Check out our article, Best Cities to Live in Ecuador for Expats, for more on this topic. If you’re planning a visit to Guayaquil, check out our article, Guayaquil Ecuador: Hotels, Malls and Restaurants Near the Airport.

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