FAQ #73 – Why Are GATED COMMUNITIES Popular in Ecuador?

Gated communities in Ecuador are popular with expats and Ecuadorians, alike. We know lots of people who live in gated communities back in the United States so it isn’t surprising to find them here, as well. In fact, my grandpa lived in a gated golf course community in Texas back in the 1980s.

Theft is the most common crime in Ecuador and throughout Latin America, so the added security provided by high walls and 24×7 security makes residents feel safer.

Single family homes that reside outside a gated community usually have high walls and gates of their own. By living inside a gated community, the houses are able to forego the personal walls and gates, which allows them to have a more neighborly feel.

Violent crime in Ecuador is comparable to the United States so we feel about as safe here as we did back in Denver. However, theft is a constant concern, so living in a gated community provides additional peace-of-mind.

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