FAQ #47 – What About GLUTEN FREE FOODS In Ecuador?

There are a lot of options for gluten free foods in Ecuador. However, the selection of restaurants that offer gluten free options is more limited, and very few have a totally gluten free kitchen, so if you have full blown Celiacs Disease, you might find it difficult to eat out.

As far as we know, El Oasis in Cuenca is the only restaurant in Ecuador with a totally gluten free kitchen. If you know about others, please let us know so we can add them to this list.

In the larger grocery store chains such as Supermaxi, Mi Comisariato and Tía, you’ll find plenty of gluten free pastas and flours, as well as other pre-packaged foods like crackers, granola bars, cereals, etc. However, the selection of gluten free bread is very limited.

There are several small speciality shops and natural stores that also carry a variety of gluten free items, such as:

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