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We offer a lot of additional benefits to our community of more than 500 supporters who fund the creation of our videos, articles and weekly newsletters. This really is the best way to get all of the help you need on your journey to expat life abroad.


We’re NOW On Buy Me A Coffee!

You’ll get all the same benefits as Patreon, plus a few new benefits:

  • It’s MUCH easier to use!
  • The billing is less confusing (and less irritating)
  • You have more payment options
  • You don’t have to become a member to support us
  • We can offer you “extras” (although we don’t know what those are yet)

You’ll be able to connect to our exact same private chat community with hundreds of current members using your existing Discord login, so that won’t change either.

We’re Still On Patreon, Too

Patreon got us here, but they have a lot of system issues, and we field a lot of complaints about them. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to sign up for Buy Me A Coffee, instead.

However, if you already use Patreon to support other creators and don’t want to sign up for yet another website, you can still join us on Patreon.

We’ll continue to post on Patreon just like we have been, but we’re encouraging everyone to enjoy the better user experience on Buy Me A Coffee!

Attend Our Next Zoom Happy Hour

Amelia And JP Zoom Happy Hours Join Us

Join us for our next monthly Zoom Happy Hour video call. Amelia And JP lead the discussion, but everyone gets a chance to talk.

This call is an easy way to get immediate answers to your questions, and peace-of-mind about your move.

The calls usually last about 90 minutes and we often invite relocation experts who provide more detailed answers to  your questions.

We have a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet other expats, too!