Hola Unconventionals!

We’re Amelia And JP: YouTubers, bloggers and expats in Ecuador!

A life-threatening health issue and nearly $1 million in spinal surgeries back in Denver Colorado made us seriously question our life’s decisions.

Things we thought were so important no longer had any meaning for us. Just when we thought life was about to end, we were given the gift of more and we didn’t want to waste it!

So we sold everything we owned and moved to Ecuador with our two dogs to live a more unconventional life abroad. Now, we publish videos and other content to share our story and show YOU how to do what we did!

Amelia And JP New Cathedral Cuenca Ecuador

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Many of our members have become friends in our private chat community on Discord.com and some have even started dating! They forge connections online and organize meetups in the real world! It’s a great way to make new friends!


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Amelia And JP Zoom Happy Hours Join Us

Join us for our next monthly Zoom Happy Hour video call. Amelia And JP lead the discussion, but everyone gets a chance to talk.

This call is an easy way to get immediate answers to your questions, and peace-of-mind about your move.

The calls usually last about 90 minutes and we often invite relocation experts who provide more detailed answers to  your questions.

We have a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet other expats, too!