Gabriel Coronel – Tour Guide

Gabriel Coronel is a tour guide based in Cuenca and also a Spanish teacher.

Juan Zambrano – Manta Driver

Juan is a great driver who speaks fluent English. He’s based in the Manta area, but he can drive you anywhere in Ecuador. He also has a network (coop) of drivers who he works with so they can handle a variety of needs and there is always someone available.

Juan organized a van to move us from Olón to Manta, which was $120. He also drove us from Manta to Guayaquil in his cab. The normal rate for that trip is $100, but we were deadheading (hitched a ride) with him on his way to pick up another client at the Guayaquil Airport so he asked for a $30 tip.

He also organized a driver to take Daisy to the vet. His cousin, Miguel, picked us up with Daisy, drove us to the vet, waited over an hour for us, and then drove us back home for $15.

Ketty Valásquez – Guayaquil Driver

Ketty (pronounced Katy) drives for the Sheraton Hotel by Mall del Sol, but she also drives independently. She has a smaller car so it’s not great if you have a lot of luggage, but she can drive you anywhere in Ecuador to or from the Guayaquil area. She’s very nice, but doesn’t speak much English so you’ll want to have your translator app handy.

Ryan and Tiffany Kelly – Real Estate

Ryan and Tiffany own and operate the most referred, highest volume real estate company in the Manta area. They primarily help with buying and selling condos, houses and land, but they also manage a few rental properties and they have a vast network of professionals who can help you navigate the real estate process here in Ecuador.

Carlos Ramírez – Health Insurance Agents

Blue Box is an insurance broker representing several health, auto and home insurance companies in Ecuador. They have an office in Cuenca, and they will be opening an office in Manta in April 2021. Health Insurance in Ecuador is a bit different than the United States. You have the option of getting Private Health Insurance with one of Ecuador’s many health insurance companies.

Julio Meneses Alvarado – Guayaquil Driver

Julio works for the Sheraton Hotel by Mall del Sol, and is also an independent driver based in Guayaquil. He was kind enough to drive us around Guayaquil running errands, filming a video and even helped us with Spanish translations. He’s not fluent in English, but he knows enough to get by and was able to help us communicate with shop owners. He spent several hours with us and the cost was $30.

He has a very nice, newer and comfortable car, and he’s a very safe driver. He’s also extremely friendly, honest and humble. I was prepared to pay him $50 for 4 hours of work, driving, waiting and translations/facilitation, but he insisted $30 was enough. We met in the middle at $40.

He can pick you up at the Guayaquil airport and drive you to the coast, Manta, Cuenca, Machala or most other places.

Paws-Olón Vet Clinic – Veterinarian

This is our new vet clinic in Olón. They also do grooming. It’s located on the street between the mercados, one block west of the main road.

Xavier Merchan – Veterinarian

Xavier came highly recommended by several expats in the Olón area. This is where most of the expats took their pets until the new vet clinic opened in Olón. The best way to contact him is through email or Facebook Messenger.

Dra. María Luisa Mendieta at SOLCA – Dermatologist

This dermatologist at SOLCA in La Libertad came highly recommended by a friend, but we haven’t been to see her personally.

MundOrtopedic – Orthopedic Supply

This is the orthopedic supply store that Deb and Gabi went to buy Amelia’s crutches in La Libertad. We haven’t been there, but Deb told us they have pretty much anything you might need if you’ve injured yourself.