Juan Zambrano - Manta Driver


Juan is a great driver who speaks fluent English. He’s based in the Manta area, but he can drive you anywhere in Ecuador. He also has a network (coop) of drivers who he works with so they can handle a variety of needs and there is always someone available.

Juan organized a van to move us from Olón to Manta, which was $120. He also drove us from Manta to Guayaquil in his cab. The normal rate for that trip is $100, but we were deadheading (hitched a ride) with him on his way to pick up another client at the Guayaquil Airport so he asked for a $30 tip.

He also organized a driver to take Daisy to the vet. His cousin, Miguel, picked us up with Daisy, drove us to the vet, waited over an hour for us, and then drove us back home for $15.