Julio Meneses Alvarado - Guayaquil Driver


Julio works for the Sheraton Hotel by Mall del Sol, and is also an independent driver based in Guayaquil. He was kind enough to drive us around Guayaquil running errands, filming a video and even helped us with Spanish translations. He’s not fluent in English, but he knows enough to get by and was able to help us communicate with shop owners. He spent several hours with us and the cost was $30.

He has a very nice, newer and comfortable car, and he’s a very safe driver. He’s also extremely friendly, honest and humble. I was prepared to pay him $50 for 4 hours of work, driving, waiting and translations/facilitation, but he insisted $30 was enough. We met in the middle at $40.

He can pick you up at the Guayaquil airport and drive you to the coast, Manta, Cuenca, Machala or most other places.

  • Listing ID: 7057
  • WhatsApp: +593 99 817 5329