Your Referral Partner Agreement Has Been Received!

Check your inbox for confirmation and a copy of the Referral Partner Agreement. And be sure to whitelist our email address if you find it in your spam folder!

In addition to participation in our Referral Partner Program, you may also want to discuss guest posts, banner ads, and/or video sponsorship.

Guest Posts

Live Abroad Now is intended to reduce the mystery about moving to Ecuador, and to make it easier for expats to move here. That means we need a LOT of content about expat relocation and daily life.

As one of our Referral Partners, you’re encouraged to submit guest posts about your area of expertise and we’ll share them on our website.

Please email us your ideas for approval before writing the entire post because we may already have articles on the topic or in the queue. We will also edit your article for readability and “American English.”

We’ll post the article under your name with a link to your website. Referrals generated from the articles will fall under the Referral Partner Agreement and the agreed upon commission/fee structure.

Banner Ads

We can place banner ads on and in our newsletter that pitch your service. Clicking the ad will direct potential clients to your website.

We’ll design banner ads that are specific to your business, but still look natural on our website. You will have final approval of the design and copy.

The ad will ideally link to a dedicated landing page on your website with content explaining that you’re a Live Abroad Now Referral Partner. We also recommend providing a specific call to action to maximize conversions.

Pricing varies based on the location of the ad, monthly website sessions, and newsletter subscribers. As the traffic and subscribers grow, the ad placement costs will increase.

Video Sponsorship

For a one-time fee, we can create a 60 to 90 second promotional clip featuring your service in an upcoming video. The promotion will start after the video introduction, sometime in the first 60 seconds of the video.

You can tell us the major points we need to discuss and provide video for us to share during the promo. We can also do screen captures of your website or include previous clips that we’ve recorded of you.

You can see an example of a previous sponsorship here: Why We Chose MANTA Ecuador. We were paid $750 for this sponsorship based on the average views of our previous 10 videos, which was 20,000 views per video. This rate will increase or decrease based on our average views.

The Next Step

If you would like to discuss how to advertise your services to our audience, please send us an email or drop us a note through our contact form…

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