Join Our Referral Partner Program

Our Referral Partner Program is a great way to reach your potential clients and grow your business.

We have nearly 70,000 people in our audience who need a variety of services in Ecuador. They’re mostly current and future expats from the United States and Canada, and they trust our recommendations.

Our Media Outlets

We have a variety of media outlets where we promote our Referral Partner Program and our Referral Partners:

Benefits of Becoming a Referral Partner

By joining our Referral Partner Program, you’ll have our endorsement for your business and we’ll feature your services in our videos, social media posts and articles on our websites. We also offer regional exclusivity for certain types of businesses, such as real estate and rental services.

When one of our audience members submits a Referral Request for your service type and region, we’ll send an immediate email introduction to you AND the potential client so you can contact them immediately (the sooner the better). They will also receive your contact information.

In exchange, we ask for a commission from sales, referral fees, and/or comped (gratis) services. The amount is negotiable and depends on a variety of factors, including client value, competition, demand for the type of service you provide, etc.

We’ll use a percentage of the commissions and referral fees to purchase advertising space on Google Search and YouTube to drive more traffic to our Referral Program, which will generate more referrals/leads for your business services.

The Application Process

Once you complete the application, we’ll review it and be in touch if we have an open slot for your type of service, and if we feel you’ll be a good fit for our program.

We ONLY recommend service providers who we’ve either worked with directly, or who have been highly recommended. If we haven’t worked with you directly, we ask for 3 references from past clients who we can contact to discuss the type and quality of your services.

We think our Referral Partner Program is a win-win-win opportunity. Our audience wins by getting high-quality referrals for the types of services they need. You win by getting new clients and growing your business. And we win by sharing in your success.

Apply now and we’ll be in touch soon.

Amelia And JP