FAQ #94 – What About RENT CONTROL In Ecuador?

Rent control in Ecuador is not conducted. This practice is usually reserved for large, heavily populated cities like New York City where rent costs would easily exceed the budgets of most service industry and blue collar workers if limits weren’t inforced. Without the limits, there wouldn’t be enough local workers to fill the roles that are necessary to keep the city functioning.

In Ecuador, this isn’t a problem. Even in Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador’s two largest cities, there are plenty of low cost housing options within the city limits for people who work low paying jobs. And with a comprehensive public transportation system, workers can easily get from one side of town to the other for very little cost.

The free market drives the housing costs in Ecuador. This means that the price of rent is set based on what people are willing to pay.

If you sign a one year lease and the housing market explodes before the end of your term, the landlord may increase your rent if you wish to stay for another year. You have the choice to pay more or move someplace else once your lease is up.

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