Social Protests Have Returned to Ecuador

Original Article from El Universo: Social groups of Cuenca and Tulcán protested against economic measures of the National Government

Social unions convened this afternoon in the Historic Center of Cuenca to protest against the economic policies of the National Government.

Teachers, students, workers, professors and other citizens participated in this mobilization, in the lower part of the Government of Azuay, where police officers to safeguard the security of the place.

In the first row were women policemen and behind men, better equipped with riot suits and helmets. But there were also uniformed policemen who were stealthily guarding the protesters.

On this occasion, the citizens made posters in the form of shields similar to those used by the police. There, under the name of the Pencil Squad, they exhibited slogans such as “The crown did not break the system, the crown exposed a broken system” or “The street does not shut up.”

The screaming began at 4:30 p.m. this Wednesday and although his tone of voice was strong, everything remained relatively calm.

They talked about the economy, calling for the exit of the International Monetary Fund, against the Police rejecting the repression, by the private financial system and demanding the resignation of the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno.

At 5:00 p.m., the public servants and students from the University of Cuenca arrived, who did not cease their claims despite the heavy rain.

For his part, Remigio Hurtado, representative of public servants, commented that although the end of this and the other marches that will come in the coming months are not intended to request the resignation of the President of the Republic, considering that the country is close of an electoral process, but they do seek to demand the repeal of some ministerial agreements that they consider “unconstitutional”.

While the rector of the University of Cuenca, Pablo Vanegas, described the announced cut to the higher education budget as an error because, according to him, knowledge is the only way out of a pandemic and any situation.

Until 5:30 p.m. there was no news and amid the shouts an empty pot was played loudly by a protester dressed as a clown who was walking in front of the gendarmes. (I)

Workers were mobilized in five cantons of Carchi

About 800 protesters belonging to the Union of Workers of the Municipality of Tulcán, the National Union of Educators, the Guevarista Movement, self-employed workers and other groups took to the streets of the capital of Carche to protest on the afternoon of this Wednesday 16.

Before the start of the mobilization, the leaders entered the Social Security building to talk with the provincial delegate. There the teachers denounced the government’s failure to pay the contributions of the last two months. That would be causing them inconvenience.

Then they went to the outside of the Prefecture of Carchi, where they tried to enter, but a police picket prevented their entry. The Association of Single Women “November 27”, requested the fulfillment of the commitments assumed by the prefect Guillermo Herrera.

In the place they remained for more than an hour haranguing against the administration and demanding the presence of the authority, which according to officials was not in the building, located in Central Park, closed minutes before the mobilization.

In San Gabriel, the march obstructed vehicular traffic on E 35 for more than 20 minutes. Juan Rosero, leader of the Frente Unico de Trabajadores, announced that social organizations will continue in the streets.

Similar actions took place in the cantons: Bolívar, Espejo and Mira. All are calling for the repeal of the humanitarian law, stop the layoffs in the public and private sectors, the timely payment of salaries, the allocation of resources to universities, among other demands.

Until the end of the protests, there were no clashes and the National Police kept a certain distance to avoid confrontations.

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